The Main Collection of Webnovels

Five years ago, Miki, the wife of Furumachi Tsubasa, engaged in infidelity subsequently leaving him.  Five years later, she shows up at his doorstep with nothing but a single piece of roller luggage, and a four year old daughter in tow, begging for a place to stay since there was nowhere else for her to go.  Failing to close the door in her face, the couple who had failed to divorce in that time are once more living together, struggling to come to terms with their regrets, and the damage which was done that can never be fixed.

Ark just wanted to be an adventurer and explore the new world he was reincarnated to.  His party was ambushed during an encounter with goblins and the next thing he knew, he had woken up in a pitch black cavern with something pawing at his privates.  He had been captured by the very goblins he was supposed to subjugate, and with no sign of his party members, he had to deal with a tribe of insatiable female goblins who were only after his precious seed in an effort to rebuild their society.  Can a civilized Ark tame a tribe of feral females or will he just be gobbled up in the end?

There was no one Tendo Subaru despised more than Yamasaki Shoko, a gyaru bitch and his bully ever since elementary school.  When strange portals appeared across Japan, portending the end of the world, he finds an abandoned and crying Shoko sitting on a bench in the park on his way home.  Wracked with guilt, he invites her to his apartment to spend the night, and finds that he can't get rid of her!  But she's not unreasonable.  Shoko knows nothing is free, and she's ready and willing to pay... with her body.

Tachibana Shota is third year student coming out of a pathetic break-up who wants to enjoy his summer break and forget about his ex-girlfriend, Watanabe Chigusa.  Staying out late at an arcade, he stumbles across a drunk Hanazono Mayuri who has nowhere to return to.  He ends up bringing her home and a series of events leads to a hasty marriage.  Going back to school after getting married, Shota's ex-girlfriend demands they get back together and live together. However, when his Wife and Ex-Girlfriend meet and sparks fly, what is Shota to do when his wife is his ex's mother?

Randell Heart, has just suffered his first major trauma a little over a month after arriving in Labyrinthia. The party he belonged to, suffered a devastating party wipe.  Despairing at the loss of his comrades, he heeds advice to visit a brothel in order to clear his mind. It is there he meets his fated Satori Kokoro, who helps heal his mind and soul. 

Waking up in a strange forest covered in blood and unable to remember his own name, only memories of a place called Earth and that where he found himself now was far from it.  Upon reaching a city at the end of a worn and dusty road, he was met with hardships when mistaken for a vagrant when trying to ask for help.  His energy spent and spirit broken, he meets his benefactor, Thalica, a mother of two who offers him a job, a name, and eventually... a home.

A gag rom-com about Kuromine Yuuta, who just wanted to get into a prestigious college to make his mother proud.Yuuta was determined not to get involved with any part of his school's 『Relief』 program.  The result?  After being bullied into it, he was now dating Sarashina Fuwano, aka Fuwa-chan, his class's 『Relief Personnel』 who he believes is doing ecchi things with everyone in the class!  Furthermore he gets a Girlfriend System, but shouldn't it be a Hero System...?

Nakada-san to Ren'ai 『Black Label』

Kawamura Kouta is in love with a beautiful gyaru named Nakada-san. One night he goes downstairs only to find her being violated by his father. The following morning he gets a call from his Senpai, telling him to come over for a matchmaking session his wife was pushing for. Feeling distraught, Kouta goes to the matchmaking session, only to find the woman is Nakada-san... furthermore, she's already been in love with him for a while!?