Kouta Sees Nothing Wrong

I had woken up coughing along with a scratch dry throat and my son standing at attention.  It had come again last night.  An erotic dream featuring the cool beauty of Seijou High Preparatory Academy Class 2-C’s Nakada-san.

Now, School was out for summer break, so I would have to wait until that ended in order to see her again. I was not in the know about any of her contact information, nor was I even a passing acquaintance enough to know where she would even be from time to time, so there was nothing I could do to see her in the interval.  As for what drew me to her initially, I couldn't really begin to tell you, however, when I saw her for the first time in the hallway between classes on the third day of my first year, I fell in love with her instantly.  Stupidly, deeply, hopelessly, honestly, one-sidedly in love with her.

Shall I tell you about Nakada-san?  She's a very beautiful gyaru after all...

Her hair is blonde, like one of those Western celebrities from international cinema.  It's wavy and tied up into a ponytail with a red ribbon that has a crescent moon on it, which occasionally changes from the left side to the right side of her head as the mood suits her.  Her bare skin is tanned just enough to be like delicious hot caramel syrup, and her body has just the right proportions to hit just about anybody's strike zone, even those of women, who she appeals to as well according to the rumor mill.

I've never bothered to take the chance to confess to her like so many others in the school have.  I don't want to be added to the innumerable body count she's left behind, as she has ruthlessly turned down every single confession that has come her way.  It had become at some point halfway through the first year that I attended school, a sort of badge of honor and respect to confess to her and get rejected.  I however just kept my head down and watched her beautiful self from afar.  My favorite parts to fantasize about were her fabulously toned tan legs, and those wild and mysterious golden eyes of hers.

I thought nothing of it when, after waking from a particularly lewd dream involving Nakada-san tonight, that anything might be wrong in my household.  I went downstairs to get a glass of water to wet my parched throat, and it was entirely by chance that I should be aware enough to hear a strange yet familiar noise coming from my parent’s room.

Has mom returned from overseas? I wondered.

My mother, Kawamura Reiko, was supposed to be overseas still until just after the entrance ceremony to my second year of school and she hadn't yet sent a text saying she'd be home later otherwise, though that was the case for the last month or so.  It’s not like I missed her so much, since the person who was more like a mother to me my whole life was my older sister, Kawamura Kanae.  Yet, my curiosity got the better of me at that moment, and I really wished it hadn’t.

Near the front door in the entryway was a pair of shoes I'd never seen before, in a size quite different from Mom's.  Since my parent's bedroom was near the front door, just to the right of the kitchen after entering the house, I was close enough to hear a certain sound leaking out of their room.

This was where it all began... Everything between Nakada-san and myself.

 “Ahn~<3, Ahn~<3,  Uuuuhh~   Yes!  Right there…<3  Yes~ Fuck!  Keep Fucking me there!!  Ahhhn<3~”

Why I went towards that room, or what possessed me to look in on my parents doing it, I have no idea. But the door to their bedroom was ajar just enough for me to be able to peek inside and see what was happening in that bedroom in the middle of the night.  It’s not like I’m a complete pervert who wants to see their parents doing it.  I just wanted to know if mom was home. Why couldn't I have just been a good boy, and returned upstairs to sleep after getting a drink of water?

Right now, the one girl in the world who occupied my mind day and night, and even in my dreams lately, was making every kind of lewd face and sound, as I watched her body getting violently railed on from behind while on all fours like a dog by my father.  My married, cheating, piece of shit father, Kawamura Ryohei.

“Nnn <3, Nnnnh <3,  So ♪ Fucking ♪ Goooood ♪  Keep it up ossan, you aren’t too bad at all!”

Now, I'd like to point out, that my parents have been married for a good twenty-three or so years.  My mother works overseas for about six months at a time, so when she returns home to my father they make love enough times when she’s back, that I never had a reason to even suspect let alone believe that my father would ever cheat on her.  That's why it wasn't strange to sneakily catch them making love so I could just relax knowing mom was home and expect a nice ordered-in breakfast in the morning.

Yet, at the sight of what I was seeing, while being safely obstructed by the door, I failed to recognize the magnitude of the trauma of what I was bearing witness to.  I admit to some kind of mental damage occurring, causing my hand to whip out my already attentive son for some unknown reason, and I began unknowingly stroking it at the sight of my crush being fucked ruthlessly by my father, and talking aloud like a dirty bitch in heat as he plowed away at her without a care in the world.

“Unh <3, Ahhh <3, Right there ♪  Yes… YES~~<3~  Ah~ah♫, My pussy is going to break if you keep hitting it there, ossan~”

It was Nakada-san.

She was on my parent’s bed, on all fours like a dog, and my father was making her feel good with his old man’s cock.  It wasn't on my own bed, and with me behind her, but him!   Why?  Wasn't that how it was supposed to be?  Supposed to be me there behind her and not him?  I couldn't imagine the reason for this being the answer, nor could I bring myself to let go of my son.

fap, fap, fap, fap.

Why was she here in my home?  Why was she with my father wrecking the foundations of my family?

fap fap fap fap.

Why was she here destroying the peace and tranquility of my carefully crafted illusory relationship with her?

I wouldn’t find out until later on, that Nakada-san had a problem that existed from a while ago, and it was partly my own fault for everything that was about to happen, even though I had no recollection why.

“Nnn<3,  Nnn<3,  Ahn, I'm... I’m going to come ossan~”  

The voice of Nakada-san saying those words I've only ever heard in my dreams, should have been enough to set me off, but instead I felt my blood boil.

“NGH, I’m about to as well, jou-chan.”  came the disgusting family wrecking voice of the man whom I  now felt revulsion for.

I saw a glimmer in her eyes just for a moment, and I could swear for an instant as she looked towards the door where I was hidden from view, that she could somehow see me.

“Ngh~, ngh~, ah~h~h♫  I’m coming~ Ahhhh <3 Ossan~ You can let it out on me outside if you want~<3”  Her voice sung a lewd song just then, and it was enough to end my father.


My father pulled out of Nakada-san just then, yanked the condom off, and exploded right onto her exposed pussy and thighs for what seemed like forever.  Despite thinking I was hidden, something led me to feel she had seen me, and that feeling was somewhat validated when she sent a small smirk in my direction, while peering towards the crack in the door, before she turned around, and began to clean my father off with her mouth.  When she had turned around, her crotch was exposed in my direction, bit it wasn't her exposed area I was staring at, but the space between her caramel thighs that were dripping with sticky threads of semen that formed a lattice as it trickled down her thighs that she pushed together and pulled apart, and I could have sworn she maneuvered just a little bit better as she was applying the finishing touch to him, so that I might get the best possible view of it.

Goku~ goku~ chupu chupu rero~ Chupu~puha!

The stimulation of watching her use her mouth combined with looking at the aftermath below her ruined slit was finally enough to cause me to cum, without making a sound above a small gasp and sigh, while I was still surely being concealed by the door.  After she finished, and pulled away from him, I too slowly moved away from the slightly ajar door, and stealthily rushed back upstairs to my room hopefully unnoticed.

I closed the door quietly, then fell back against the door while sliding down to the floor and after a few moments, I had begun to sob as silently as I could. 

My chest felt cold.  My heart, which I tried to keep full of all the wonderful though albeit imagined parts of Nakada-san’s romance with myself, had begun beating erratically fast and at the same time felt like it was being run over by a truck tire from a heavy construction vehicle.  The emotion was that heavy.

I already knew there was an almost zero chance for someone like me to ever date someone like Nakada-san. It's why I never confessed after all.  Even with the rumors that had spread quietly among some of the boys over the last year, that she was having tons of sex with many different guys, and that if you had met certain criteria, she’d put out, no questions asked, never did I think I would meet that criteria…

I mean, a gyaru whore?  What’s new about that, right?

But, for some reason, I couldn’t let go of the fantasy of her somehow being mine.  And that fantasy in my mind's eye was being chipped away at by every stroke of a formless shadowy body which was pummeling away at her ass from behind until nothing of that fantasy was left but dust. 

So, I did what any hopeless virgin with no prospects of a female encounter, let alone with a caramel goddess like Nakada-san, who easily lived in the world of riajuu, people with normal social-sexual development, would do.

I cried like a powerless little child, who had his toy taken away by someone.

I still wanted her though.  Even now, after she’d been freshly violated in front of my eyes.  Even though the person who did it was my own father… It was crazy how desperately I still wanted her!  I wanted her to understand she was mine, and mine alone, somehow.

My son wasn’t done with the first round of masturbation, and with the images of her dressed in only a pink bra half on above her breasts, while those crazy big tits dangled out from below, shaking and vibrating with each powerful stroke against her body, and those pink laced panties which stretched taught around her knees as her legs spread as far as they could fresh in my mind to accept a cock that wasn’t mine, I managed to rub out a second, and then a third load, one after the other.

I was gasping for air by that point, and my hand was glazed in my own fluids. My pants had also become sticky, but I didn’t care.  In my mind, I had assumed the position my father was in, and it was me fucking her then, again and again, in his stead.  In that sudden fantasy which formed in my mind, she was screaming my name, and begging me to churn her guts and mess her up good.  I was hitting her pussy just right, and she was going to come for me.

I think while I was working on my fourth round, with my imagination at maximum overdrive all the while fresh tears streamed down my face from my battle against accepting reality, I had managed to pass out from overstimulation. 

Whether or not I managed to rub out a fourth one, I didn’t know or care in the end.

By the time I woke up on Thursday, the next morning, my father had already gone to work, and there was no sign of Nakada-san from the night before having ever been there, in that room, or in my house at all.  I almost wondered if it was a dream.  I was suffering mentally from what I saw, though.  Was it a dream after all?  Or perhaps a nightmare?  If so, then why did I wake up blocking the door and had my hand covered in my own cum? 

If it was real, then there was a twofold problem of my father betraying my mother, and then doing so with the woman I have a very intense crush on.  As the thoughts and images came back to me in the morning, my son couldn’t help but overreact again.  But not for the incredible lovemaking that I could only once imagine. 

But for the incredible lovemaking that I now knew was possible with her.

Nakada-san, on the surface appears to be a cool beauty, however, what I happened to see from time to time before this was a vulnerability to that exterior whenever I saw her not engaging with people.  That vulnerability soon became the only thing I saw even when she was.  But it was only when I looked into her eyes, that I finally understood...

Today was only the first day of the second week of summer break, July 30th on the calendar, and I was feeling miserable as shit now this morning.  The only thing that would cool me off from my own rampaging desires, was going back to my room with a cold soda, and continuing work on my soon-to-be livelihood.  

I was a hobbyist programmer, and my current expertise lay in eroge development and programming.

While I still received an allowance from my parents, I also worked as an independent programmer for a certain software company called Daito-soft due to a connection formed by a friend from the otaku bulletin-boards I frequented, and I made money creating independent titles for them.

Brrrrrrrt!  Brrrrrrrt!

My phone rang.

The caller was a good friend of mine, Miyajima Michio

I answered it anyway, despite my mind being an absolute mess.

“Yo, kouhai!  How’s the game dev going?”

“'sup senpai!  I’m finishing up programming the dialogue boxes, I really want to make the impact text feature unique…”

He was quick to cut me off, which was unusual. 

“Oh, that sounds cool...  Say, kouhai, the real reason I’m calling you is for something far more important.  We can talk about your development progress another time, okay?”

“Oh, uh, sure.  What's the important thing, senpai?”

“You know how I’m always looking out for my little hard working, kouhai, right?”

“Yes, yes, senpai takes good care of me, thank you very much.”

“I know I do.  Well, my lovely wife Kimiko, has a certain friend who is working through some things in her life.  It’s pretty bad to be honest, but I think it might be an opportunity for you to graduate from your virginity before you get stuck and become a wizard.”

“Fuck you, a wizard.  I’ll probably lose it before twenty-five!” I retorted with a bluff.  My prospects weren’t really looking good to tell the truth.

“Pffft! Oh yeah?  Who’s going to be the lucky lady?  Some soapland girl in her late thirties, or a compensated date with some landwhale?”

“Well, the last option doesn’t seem so bad.”

“Pfft!  No man, look… Kimiko is trying to set her friend up with a good guy, so I would be a bad friend if I didn’t let you take a vintage wine from the top shelf.  I've known this girl for a while as an acquaintance of my wife, and I have no doubt that this girl is the ENTIRETY of your strike zone, with one exception alone.”


“It… wouldn’t be her first time.   Anyway, when you get a chance, pop by my place later this afternoon, around 4pm or so.  We’ll keep it casual, and if she likes you, you’ll definitely get laid.”

“I doubt that’ll happen once she sees how average I am, Senpai.  But you can’t win the lottery without buying a ticket, as the saying goes.”

“That’s the spirit, kouhai!  See you then.”

“Aa.  See you then, Senpai.


I think the incident of seeing Nakada-san so close, yet so far out of my reach, had influenced my decision to go to Senpai's place later.  Honestly, if I could graduate from my virginity guaranteed at this moment, it didn’t matter who it would be with, or so that was how I felt right now.  If this girl didn’t get a rise out of my son, but was still into doing it, I knew I could always imagine her face or body being that of Nakada-san, and I would be able to perform at my best, anyway.  

So, with my determination to at least trust in Senpai, I continued working on my game development until it became time to head over to his place.  It was 11am now, so there were only a few more hours to go.

(Secret 001:  Kouta had managed the fourth ejaculation to his fantasy of Nakada-san before he had collapsed.)