Kouta Pays His Senpai a Visit.

Miyajima Michio, age 26, was a fellow otaku I’ve known for the last five years from a certain online bulletin board. He was able to find happiness in the form of marriage to a beautiful young woman named Kimiko just recently. I was one of the first people he told about it, and so when it comes to being an otaku in love, he's pretty much my senpai in all aspects.

Miyajima Kimiko, age 22, was a gyaru type girl in appearance, much like Nakada-san. While not a blonde, she had long black hair that would shift from black to red as her hair moved or was brushed a certain way, and in certain places were blue lines which ended in bluish-white frosted tips. It was pretty amazing to look at when she took the time to show it off. Kimiko was smaller than me by only a couple cm, and her body was incredibly slender, much as an offense to the rules which govern energy dispersion and caloric intake. The gods of physics and metabolism thereby in their merciful ways, left her with enough to fill a B-cup.

Now, as far as I understood the nature of their relationship, she was someone who came and went in his life as a friend for a long while, before eventually giving in to senpai's charms, (whatever those might be.) and ended up marrying the guy in the end. As an otaku, I couldn’t understand the compatibility which existed between them, since they were both very different people. She an extrovert, he an introvert.

Yet, one day half a year ago, Michio suddenly told me he was getting married. It was just a paper form with both their stamps that was then filed at the administration office. There was no real wedding. It was actually Michio capitulating to what Kimiko requested, she wanted to keep it quiet.

So, he managed to find happiness, and seeing that it was possible for him, it made me want to believe I could dare to reach for it as well, even though I doubted anything would happen at this little matchmaking session.

I was dressed for success. I headed over to senpai’s place, which was actually quite close to my own house, as it was just down the block and around the corner.

Senpai lived on the third floor of a three floor apartment complex. His house was a 2LDK, though he had converted the extra room into a hybrid guest room and side office after he married Kimiko, and she began to occupy his room instead.


The person who answered the door was in a blue dress who had long black hair with red undertones and various hair accessories sticking out of it. Despite the usual appearance one expects from certain gyaru types, she was actually pretty conservative in how she accessorized. It was like she was being rehabilitated from a delinquent into a housewife. It's moe.

“Hello, I’m here to visit with Michio-senpai.” I greet her.

“Are you by chance, Kawamura-kun?” she asks.

“Aa. Might you be senpai’s lovely new bride?” I politely compliment her.

“I am. I’m the dazzling new housewife, Miyajima Kimiko. Pleased to meet you. Now, won’t you come inside?”

“Then I will do just that. Please excuse my intrusion.”

I entered the apartment, changed into slippers at the door, and had her take me to a seat in the living room.

“Micchi~ Kawamura-san has arrived!” She called out towards a certain nearby room loudly before redirecting to me “He’ll be along shortly, he’s currently on a video call with his work.”

“It’s no problem. They are probably giving him last minute revisions for Twinkle*Paradise.”

“Ee~ You seem to be knowledgeable about his work.”

“Maa, we occasionally help each other out from time to time. That's one of the games Senpai is in charge of.”

“But you are a student still, aren’t you, Kawamura-kun? You don’t work with Micchi~ at the company do you?” she inquires.

“No. I’m sort of like a freelancer. I have been to the office a few times though.” I explain to her what I do.

“So you make games too? The dating sim kinds, like Micchi works on, right?”

“Yes, though please don’t expect much of me right now. Most of my work is solo, and I mostly do programming, and only minor graphics work when needed.”

“That’s still pretty cool though. I played Tokimemo a lot as a middle schooler. I wish I could do stuff like that, making games, but I have no talent for it. Honestly, I don’t do much at all, and end up sponging off of Micchi most of the time, so I try and motivate him when I can by being cute and bossy to him.”

“Is that a bad thing?" I say positively "If I had a cute wife to motivate me all the time, I don’t think I’d really mind what she did, as long as she was there when I needed her.”

“Flirting with me, huh? I’ll tell Micchi~ on you!”

“I'm just being honest Miyajima-san. I wouldn’t come between senpai and his happiness. I'm glad he managed to find it.”

I try and keep a sincere smile on my face, but even if she teases me, I wouldn’t do anything to betray my friendship with senpai. In the end if neither of our relationships work out, we can at least commiserate together afterwards.

Kimiko put her hands together, as if something just came to her mind.

“So, as you probably heard from Micchi, I have a friend I’m matchmaking for. She’s a good girl, but has some bad parts to her, so I thought if she met a good guy she could reform herself.”

I nod. Sounded reasonable.

“However, before I introduce her, I’d like to know a bit more about Kawamura-kun first, if that's alright?” she politely asks.

“Sure, what would you like to know?”

“Kawamura-kun doesn’t have a girlfriend now, does he?” she presents me a question with an obvious answer.

But, I can only shake my head. “There isn’t one.”

“Is there any preference or kind of girl you already like?”

“There is, but… there’s no way we could ever be together, and I’m fine with that. Hang up aside, how about we say a hot caramel-skinned blonde gyaru goddess?"

“Pretty specific taste... but not impossible! Then finally, how old is Kawamura-kun?”

“I’ll be eighteen soon.”

“You are going to school right, so that would make you a third year?”

“Due to some circumstances, I’m in second year.”

“That’s good, my friend is in her second year also. What school do you attend?”

“Seijou High”

“Fue~ Really? You might already know her then! How interesting!”

A girl who also goes to Seijou? Well, I don’t know if I should have expected it or not. But then again how many people nearby go to Seijou? Probably a good deal of them, it’s not a difficult school to enter into.

“Yeah, a high schooler... huh? I actually thought since it was a friend of senpai’s wife, she might be a bit older.”

“That might have been Micchi not knowing from which friend pool she was in. I'm sorry if you expected it to be an older woman, but I don’t hang out with too many of my old friends from school anymore who are my age, and I have made quite a few new ones from other places who are a bit younger. Does it bother you that she’s not an older woman? Is that the kind of girl Kawamura-kun likes?”

I don’t know much about making friends. I have one friend outside of Senpai, who’s more of a class acquaintance than anything else. Other than that I am pretty much a loner. I also don’t think I’ve ever thought about an age gap when it came to dating. At this point in my life, I figured as long as any girl would like me, I would be okay with anything that happened. I don't want to cast spells. I managed to avoid a certain eighth grade illness that tended to set one down that path socially.

“I’m not in a position where I can be picky about who I get to meet, you know? I don’t know how it is for pretty women like you, but for average guys like senpai and I… we can only dream about being able to pick and choose. So it’s better to just be reasonable and accept whatever outcome life deals us, and we should be lucky if a beautiful woman chooses to make the best of it with one of us.”

“Uwah, you sound like an old man who’s given up. Also, why do I suddenly feel insulted?”

“It’s just how I feel though, and I wasn't trying to be rude. There's a sort of desperation for us unlucky-in-love types.”

I try and downplay how I basically said she settled for senpai, since he didn't have any better options.

“Yo, Kouhai!” Michio-senpai suddenly came into the room and greeted me.

“ ‘sup Senpai!” I returned the greeting with a fist bump.

“So, what do you think, I got a cute wife, right?” he ribs me.

“Go explode, fucking riajuu!” I counter.

“Ha ha ha. Feels good to hear that! Still, I promised you a good thing, so just be patient a bit longer, alright?”


“Kimi-chuwan~ <3” Senpai goes to make kissy faces at his new wife.

Ugh, Senpai talking and acting affectionate is kind of gross. Yeah, otaku in love are gross. But still, it’s rather amazing he managed to get married to the very different and rather beautiful Kimiko. It’s like some fucked up real life eroge where the milquetoast and slightly overweight MC ends up with a bombshell beauty who was way out of his league from start to finish.

“Anyway,” Kimiko continues past the interruption known as her husband “my friend is just freshening up right now, since she had a rough night. She’ll be out soon, so in the meantime, how about something to snack on?”

“Sure, that sounds good” I agree.

“Micchi~ <3”

“Of course dear~”

Michio-senpai went to the kitchen to prepare us some tea and snacks with just a single cute word from Kimiko. Somehow it seems like he’s used to spoiling her already. Well, if that’s his love dynamic, I’ve got nothing ill to say about it.

“I’ll ask this next question quietly, so be honest. Is Kawamura-kun a DT1?”

… really? It wasn’t obvious already?

I quietly nod and respond in the affirmative.

“Then, would it be an issue if the person Kawamura-kun meets isn’t one? I know there are some kinds of men who are insecure about that kind of thing.”

“Is it something I could change? I mean, sure, who doesn’t want a pure first love, but the world isn’t that nice of a place. I’d be happy just finding someone who would like me for me, and even then I think I’m greedy for wanting that much. Something like if its an issue...”

“Uwah~ How is a brat like you able to say such a jaded thing.”

“Please don’t ask me that. It’s a difficult subject. I fell into despair yesterday seeing something I shouldn't have, and it's leaking through my AT field currently.”


A phone buzzed suddenly as Michio returned with tea and some chips. Kimiko reached for her phone which buzzed and typed something in.

“Okay, are you ready to meet her, Kawamura-kun?” She says excitely.

“I am.” I confidently say, though I am really not.

A few seconds later a certain girl walked out. She was definitely a gyaru type, with blond curly hair tied up in a ponytail with a red ribbon. She was wearing a white t-shirt and a tan skirt. Her face was that of a lewd caramel goddess, and her golden eyes only made me feel weak in the knees.

The exchange happened as Kimiko was in the middle of introducing us. “Kawamura-san this is…”

“Nakada-san?” I say.

“K-Kouta?” She says.

Nakada-san slumped down onto the floor then and there.

“Eh? You two know each other already?” Kimiko asked.

“What is Kouta doing here?” she says as she points at me.

“Huh? Nakada-san knows me?” I say as I point at myself in confusion.

I can’t recall ever talking to her, or that she should even know who I am. I was careful not to be seen by her at school, and even if I was, how would she know who I was, it couldn't have been from yesterday, the door was closed really far! There’s no way she could have made my person out!

“N-never mind that! Kouta… is…” Nakada-san stammered.

“PARDON ME!” Kimiko quickly picked Nakada-san up off the floor, and took her to back to the separate room she had just came out from.

Senpai? What’s going on?”

Michio shrugged. He seemed as confused as I was.

“That’s the girl though, man. She’s hot as hell, right? Still, I thought you were under the radar, where did you meet her before that would make her respond like that?”

“That’s my line! I’ve only ever seen her from afar in school since last year man. She’s one of the goddesses of our class. The [Cool Beauty] Nakada-san.”

“She is a goddess, true enough.”

“Yeah senpai... Look, I might as well go. I don’t think this is going to happen.” I suggest, feeling like things might be awkward now, knowing what I know, and how out of sync that is with what I saw and my feelings still of wanting her.

“You sure, man? I think you should stick around.” Senpai suggests.

“I don’t know…”

Kimiko came out of the room alone, and quickly rushed over to us, she places both hands on my shoulders and speaks very precisely.

“Don’t. Go. Anywhere!”

Then she ran back into the bedroom where she took Nakada-san.

But… why was she here for a matchmaking session, when she was only at my house a few hours earlier…?

(Secret 02: Kouta thinks the most lewd part of Nakada-san is her thighs.)